Shereen Dulau, Your Business Coach
This is my story
Chapter 1: 
The Beginning
I have ventured in businesses and experienced many failures throughout my journey. Not until I have met my business coach in business and I finally realised that business owners do need a coach in any point of their business cycles. 

I have successfully turned my businesses around with the proven system from my coach and had coached few of my other fellow business friends to start with. Eventually I started my own coaching firm back in year 2016 until today. 

I found my passion in helping small business owners to build a better business & to prosper in life. I'm glad that I have found this path and continuing to help in future. 
Chapter 2: 
The Creation of Success
Let's have a conversation and see if we can work together to grow your business today. I am offering 60 minutes FREE Discovery Call to business owners who are serious in making a change in their life. 

Do claim your spot today as it will be a limited availability to book a call with me.  
Every Champion Has A Coach, 
Let Me Be Yours!
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